Our Masks; information and FAQs

Fabric information

Filtration tests were conducted by extremely clever, sciencey type people, on various types of fabric. As shown in the table below, two layers of cotton were an effective filter, and cotton and poly-chiffon were well, even better. Check out the links below, they tell it in a far more detailed way than us. Plus you know, you have to cite your sources.



Loops or long ties?

Loops or long ties?  We get asked this a lot, it’s a good question! Loops are quicker and easier to put on and take off, however long ties are more comfortable, especially if you’re going to be wearing a mask for any length of time. So basically, it’s up to you. I know, we’re very helpful. You’re welcome.

You’ll notice there’s no option for long ties on the junior sizes, that’s because under age 12 they can be a strangulation risk. If you have an older child who needs a junior size and would prefer ties, drop us a message in the notes field at check out, we’ll get it sorted for you.  

Other FAQs

Can I buy more filters for a previously purchased mask? Yes, no problem. Let us know which mask you bought with your initial order, in the notes field at check out.

How do I adjust the ear loops to fit well for me? Our masks with elastic ear loops are dispatched untied. This then allows you to tie them to the correct length to fit your own face and ears. Just knot the ends then pull the elastic so the knot is hidden inside the channel.